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Qtracker URL Documentation

Some of Qtrackers functions can be utilized using a URL which is installed on each users computer when they install Qtracker. This URL permits you to access the Qtracker client from a web-browser to do such things as connect the user to a game.

URL Format

The first argument specified after ip:port must always be prefaced with the ? character. Any additional arguments must them be prefaced with the & character.

The order which arguments appear in the URL is not important, with the exception of ip:port; these arguments must always be included immediately after the qtracker:// URL.

No arguments are case sensitive.

Sample URL


* Denotes a required argument.

Argument: ip Required

Specifies the ip address or hostname of the server the requested action will be performed upon.

Argument: port 

Specifies the port of the server the requested action will be performed upon. When connecting to a server, this port must be the connection port. If this argument is not provided, or is blank, the default connection port will be used.

Argument: game Required

Specifies the game running on the server. Possible gameid values are listed in the Game ID column in the
Game ID listing. This value is critical as it tells the Qtracker client what executable to launch and how to launch it.

Argument: action Required

Specifies the action to be performed on the specified server. There is currently only one supported action: connect. This tells Qtracker to connect the user to the specified game server.

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