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Thanks for your interest in purchasing Qtracker! Qtracker costs a mere $20.00 USD. As you know, Qtracker is Freeware, so your purchase really means a lot to me and will permit me to continue development for many years to come.

Your purchase today provides you with:

- Free updates for life.
- Regular software updates not available to the public.
- Priority support.
- Priority attention to your feature requests.
- That warm-fuzzy feeling that you helped keep Qtracker alive.

If you choose to not purchase Qtracker, hey I understand, $20.00 USD is a lot of money... At least you showed some interest by viewing this page. But take a moment to think about all the time that goes into writing and supporting an application like Qtracker, and all the servers and bandwidth required to keep it running. And while you're at it, don't forget those game developer guys don't give the games to me for free... So maybe, just maybe, you might reconsider.

It's your choice to make. Should you actually choose not to purchase Qtracker then you're stuck waiting for public releases that will come every few months. Meanwhile the people who made the right choice are enjoying their brand new games the way they were meant to be played: with an actively supported game server browser that loves them, cares for them, and nurtures them to be the best gamers they can be.

Make certain to include your Qtracker Forum account name with your purchase to get access to the Registered User Forum.

Did I lay it on too thick? I sure hope so.
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